One of the challenges of building a business on Zoondy is staying energized during the day. When it seems like all you do is work, work, work; maintaining a high energy level can be a challenge. To keep your energy high, follow these tips:

Get physical. Make time for regular daily exercise. A good physical workout not only benefits Stressed businesswoman working in a coffee shop. Selective focusyour body and improves overall health; exercise can also offer these important benefits:

  • Quickens your metabolism, providing a long-lasting energy boost;
  • Increases stamina and endurance;
  • Improves your ability to concentrate and stay focused on difficult tasks;
  • Puts your brain on auto-pilot which often leads to creative ideas and problem-solving breakthroughs;
  • Exercising the self-discipline to sticking to a daily exercise schedule promotes greater self-discipline in your work life; and
  • Releases chemicals in your brain (endorphins) that boost your mood and promote a positive emotional outlook.

If you have trouble making time for regular exercise, try giving yourself a goal to work toward. If you vow to participate in a charity walkathon or run a marathon, you’re less likely to skip your daily “training periods.”

Soak up some sunshine. Spend some time outdoors in the sunshine every day. Even on cloudy days, some sunlight peeks through the clouds; so don’t let gray skies keep you indoors. Natural sunlight seems to have a positive effect on our circadian rhythms, making us feel more alert and energetic on sunny days. The vitamin D in sunlight may also give our immune systems a boost which could help you ward off winter colds and flu. If you’re feeling particularly pressed for time, eat lunch in front of a sunny window or move your daily workout outdoors and kill two birds with one stone.

Take a break. Taking periodic short breaks during the work day can actually make you more productive. Switching your focus off task for 10 minutes to check your Zoondy Facebook page, take a brisk walk or watch a trending YouTube video can boost productivity by as much as 14% to 40%, according to a report by NBC News.